Get Microsoft Silverlight
   Google made the decision to stop support for a particular type of browser plugin, NPAPI, in Chrome. As a result our DealerMine application will not work in Chrome since our current technology relies on this plugin. (effective as of Sept 2015)   
   The timing of the change in Chrome is unfortunate because we're in the midst of rewriting DealerMine's interface using HTML 5. HTML 5 works in all widely adopted browsers, including Chrome. The change to HTML 5 will be transparent, meaning there won't be any significant differences in our product's look and feel. We're currently targeting that release for early 2017, although a specific date has not been selected. Until that time, if you're used to working in DealerMine using Chrome, you'll have to use another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.   
   Our new version of DealerMine is now avialbe. Click to here to login in.
We're sorry for any inconvenience this change causes you or your team. We appreciate your patience as we restore DealerMine's compatibility with Chrome. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support team.